Next Tuesday at 13:00 CEST online-lisp-meets with

⭐️ Jan Moringen about the new and improved version of Clouseau, the McCLIM inspector facility
⭐️ Hayley Patton about ideas from developing the Netfarm distributed object system in common-lisp (concurrency)

links, titles, and abstracts:

Thanks to @phoe for organising this wonderful series!

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Pull the fire alarm at every Hilton for this shit, spam their phonebanks, they're repurposing a Hilton in McAllen, Texas for detention and deportation of children and families.

Presumably because they're running out of room in their concentration camps.

#ACAB :acab:

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"The Common Lisp Condition System" wouldn't have been possible to create without help of TONS of people from the programming community.

The Hall of Fame chapter of the book is really massive and full of people - just take a look at

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Oh, and just a casual reminder that the mass surveillance and data mining infrastructure you're so nervous about runs on free and open source software, including most prominently Linux servers. No that doesn't mean Linux, its developers, or users are necessarily badwrong or no one should use Linux or whatever, but it does mean that the vague and ill-defined idea that free software is some kind of guarantee of moral purity or would set us all "free" from corporate control was always a lie. To the free software ideologues, here's your freedom: The freedom of corporations to pay pennies to build a digital Panopticon. To the open source utilitarians, here's your efficiency gain: You've helped build truly impressive tools to violate our privacy. Fuck you all and your laughable moralization of technology.

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so many amazing takes in this talk πŸ”₯​πŸ”₯β€‹πŸŒ‘οΈβ€‹:blobbuntonguewink:​:blobbunheart:​

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too much thought went into this, I still don't think this works, oh well

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me *nomming a hot doggo πŸŒΆοΈβ€‹πŸŒ­* ​ but ono they're too hot πŸŒ‘οΈβ€‹:ms_angry_steam: and so I spit them out ​ :ms_hot:​ and cry 'YIFF ME!' πŸ‘Ίβ€‹πŸŒ‘οΈβ€‹:ms_angry_steam:β€‹πŸ˜Ήβ€‹πŸ˜Ήβ€‹

people say "gender is a spectrum" but then they think of it like a point along a gradient, or like a HSL value in a color wheel

i would like to posit that if gender is, in fact, a spectrum, then individual genders are not single points or even contiguous blobs but rather are more like this

Reminder: Corporate Hackathons are spec work.

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Programmers have this saying that goes something like 'leave the code in a better state than what you found it in' but too often we accept the state we find things in as what they are (we take it for what it is and try not to question it (and if we do then you're going to be met with a meh)), particularly with the tools we use and the workflow we follow, even though it's desirable when writing software not to do that.

This might be because we think it's too much work to change it or that it's not even possible. Maybe we would even think that the implementation of a solution would be inherently impractical or slow and shrug it off without thought.

And this is really the worst thing you can do

Sure, individuals (without the aid of investment from corporations) really don't have enough power to make the changes that would make things better but we should at least acknowledge that it is possible (and with thought practical) to make them better

I hate to think about all the times I've been going a long and have a 'what if' idea that I immediately dismiss because the entire discipline has been corrupted with this negative/abrasive/regressive attitude (which of course in part can be attributed to capitalism (but tbh, it would be a mistake to suggest all of it could be))

wait hold on the bojo tim tams thing is real what the fuck

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Not that I expect Lisp machines to make a comeback, but I also don't expect UNIX to stop sucking. Literally the only thing interesting about it is that it has open source implementations.

Meanwhile, at least we have a decent Lisp shell we can run on top of it in the form of Emacs.

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ahh yes i love seeing people on my TL complain about node.js without basis /s

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