Read how RMS reacted a decade ago to criticism and compare it to how he's acting today... Just as petulant as everβ€” RMS is never wrong or full of shit, just misunderstood.

There are plenty of smart people out there that aren't "misunderstood" as consistently, or who handle criticism badly as this jerk.

Get better role models.

literally pro-empire speech for the libdems, great replacement & culture war rhetoric, so on 

And honestly, some people just don't deserve to be accepted within tolerant leftist spaces. I don't think that should be considered a bad thing.

re: rant, hot take, computer so called science actaully has a lot in common with magic 

rant, hot take, computer so called science actaully has a lot in common with magic 

Bolshevik stance of seeing Worker's Party as the consciousness of working class is not really different from corporatism.

anarchist request 

"Open Protocol" β‰  Open Web 

reminder chelsea manning is still in jail

Here is a cool random photo on my phone. This was taken at that Montebello G20 protests in Canada. My now wife was in attendance. One masked protester was trying to get others to throw rocks at police, while everyone else shouted him down and told him to be peaceful. He was eventually taken into the police line and "neutralized".
Take a look at his footwear.

How do peeps work on side projects when they get home from work? I'm exhausted and just want to sleep.

I received a "thanks for your open source projects" email this week! :)

I receive these once every year or two, and they're lovely. If you have really benefited from an open source library or tool, telling them can brighten up the author's day!

XR treats all of its activists as disposable. They glorify prison time and have no prison support network. Hell, XR even has some cops in it! It is such a disaster it may well be a psyop trying to get climate activists in jail before they can do anything effective.

Nazis, gaslighting 

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