Here is a short recording I took of my Brainfuck compiler running a Mandelbrot visualiser program against a C++ interpreter.

As Lisp is a slow, interpreted, dynamically typed language, the C++ program will win, right?

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Two revisions in one day! πŸ˜…


I upgraded both the NPL and CNPL to version 4 , a major revision which I would recommend switching to if either is used in your project, but in addition remember to specify that future license revisions apply as mentioned on this page:

A changelog for each license is available on the git under the releases.

Strong types doesn't mean static types, or at least didn't historically. It meant that types were checked before an operation occurred, which could happen dynamically or statically. If you read old lisp manuals, lisp is advertised as a "strongly typed" language for this reason.

Though it may be that language is changing, as it does. (Language is itself definitely not static.)

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After 1.5 years of scheming and development, I have finished a preliminary-preliminary release of Netfarm, which I intend to be a distributed trustless object system for those kind of projects.

I haven't developed anything with it yet, but it should be fairly easy to do so, given that there's some metaobject magic that makes Netfarm data look like data and vice versa; nor do I have any servers to host a node on. You can take a peep at and decide if you think doing either of those is worthwhile.

anything where you interact with people (fedi, messaging apps) should allow you to attach local notes to people only you can see.
my memory isn't good enough for all this

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you know how anarchists keep saying electoralism is a dead end, do you fuckin believe us yet?

Rambler accuses Nginx developer Igor Sysoev of "stealing" open-source Nginx from them.

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My new blog post: A critical response to the FSF's executive director about ethical licensing

A Reply to John Sullivan - A Call For Serious Reflection

Reposting in English:

French Yellow Vests build a burning barricade to stop the cops. XR activists tried to put out the fire.

One might say they tried to extinguish the rebellion...

SLIME is the best development environment I've ever experienced and I have to thank restarts for that, since having the stack living and in-front of you is so much more useful than a stack that's already been murdered and calved into pieces .

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