more complaining about computers 

I had to end up replacing their GPU with my old one because it had annoying and frequent artifacts with the libre drivers. Unfortunately my GPU doesn't have HDMI output and also their TV's analog audio input didn't seem to work. Good thing I had a DVI to HDMI cable lying around and that they had speakers they could use instead, but I wish this workaround wasn't necessary. smh

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annoyed/complaining about Linux, Nvidia, and open source 

You know what would be great? If I didn't have to go quickly fix my grandparents' computer last night because their kernel updated from the last version supported by Nvidia's proprietary drivers. Like do a good thing for once and liberate your drivers before your products reach end of life instead of just breaking your users' computers...

ahh yes i love seeing people on my TL complain about node.js without basis /s

Bad actors who complain, "your rhetoric will alienate [oppressor group] allies from your movement!" implicitly threaten you to coddle them lest they revoke their allyship. Allyship should never be conditional to feeling comfortable with radical marginalized speech and action. Allyship is a no-strings-attached recognition and acknowledgement of a marginalized group's humanity and right to liberation. Be wary of those in our spaces that propagate such rhetoric of "conditional allyship." Over.

re: anti-electoralism / anarchism 

@thufie a vote isn't an endorsal unless you make it one

organising for the electoral system isn't the same as casting a vote, most don't have much to lose by casting a vote either

granted if you were going all out to campaign for a candidate then saying 'muh you're a statist' would be valid but this is isn't it

sure I guess you can appear very bad ass for bragging about how you didn't vote like a real anarchist because you're in a position where liberal policies don't effect you

Uspol, fedi/leftist meta 

Some leftists I see here are all like, β€œwhy should we even care about the Iowa caucus/political horse race.” Here’s why I care: there is an actual progressive candidate with good policies and a strong movement, and no billionaire donors. He is the frontrunner. This is a massive indicator of how much potential there is for change if we put the effort in instead of being apathetic.

Spore-related trans shitpost, genitals mention 

Cutting off my dick for extra DNA points

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Dammit I need exactly one DNA for my feet and I don't know what other body part to sacrifice.

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I was dancing and singing with a group of strangers and suddenly my brain got bigger?!?

@luna except you do, you literally do. You give consent to people to redistribute it by making it open source / libre – and if your open source license does not permit redistribution, you probably should not be using a public git forge…

In fact, as a distro lead, we HAVE to mirror ALL the code we ship on our own servers to comply with the GPL. And we do that in an automated fashion.

Don't break the foundations of libre software we've collectively worked so hard to create.

on XY problems 

Please please *please* just answer the goddamn question. Nobody wants to hear you go on about why it's a silly idea, especially if the thread is already full of it. Yes, sometimes it's actually an XY problem but even if it is for OP it might not be for people looking for the same thing. I know that what I'm trying to do looks like it makes no practical sense on the surface but that's irrelevant. If you know the answer then good, say it, if you don't then shut up.

Bad news about Rocket League on GNU/Linux and macOS 

So I just found out Rocket League is dropping GNU/Linux (and macOS) support and their bs justification is that "upgrading Rocket League with new technologies makes it no longer viable for them to maintain support".

Despite these "new technologies" they're still supporting Windows 7, and they were also recently bought by Epic so they absolutely do have enough resources to support us.

I'm pretty disappointed right now... just another reason for why so called "live services" are trash, just a single update and a game you bought no longer works.

Remember folx, companies aren't your friends and only care about making as much money as possible.

The announcement on Steam:
RL support page for more info [Cloudflare warning]:

slightly kinky shitpost 

Putting the name of your sub as the answer to "What is your favorite pet's name?" security question.

security rant, swearing 

If you're doing "security questions" in 2019 you should be fucking ashamed of yourself! Especially if you're a big international company that should know their shit, Mojang!.

Don't mask a DECREASE IN SECURITY as a way to "secure your account" and especially don't make it mandatory! I just wanted to change my email you assholes.

Do not ever ask your users the names of their favorite pet/TV show/movie/author any questions about family and friends, especially not names, no favorite activities, no school names, no nothing, like these things are the easiest shit to social engineer out of somebody!

Fuck off!

Hmmm, not sure what to think about the ending. It's certainly interesting but brings up more questions than it answers lol

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Currently getting spooked as an autonomous flying space car that's getting creepy visions

Distance is a fun game :3

birthdays, negative, kinda ranty 

Does anyone else find birthdays distressing? Like sure let's celebrate that we've been brought into this hellhole by our parents without our consent and without much choice in whether we want to stay or not, what a great idea! I also just love being reminded of how long I have been a useless waste of oxygen for.

And yes making/buying somebody a cake on/around their birthday counts as a celebration so don't do it if you know they don't like birthdays.

needless oversharing 

for some reason I always slightly panic internally whenever any non-mutual interacts with my posts lol

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