public facing apology, long 

The person I did this to, and those in the past I've done it to, likely will never see or read this, but I'm putting this out there because I feel like shit over doing what I just did. I'm also in a poor frame of mind and I should've done this first instead of making things worse.

I did something I've been trying to avoid doing and broke at least two of my own personal rules during and afterwards.

About 30-45 minutes ago, I replied to someone's post with unsolicited tech advice, without putting a content warning on it for being unsolicited (something I've promised to myself to always do) and not only that, came off as extremely condescending, which is the reason i try to not talk about tech too often or give advice to begin with. They then blocked me, which is understandable.

That's far from the worst of what I did.

Instead of posting an apology like this, I, in a lapse of judgement - although that in no way excuses what I did -, went around their block and sent an apology to one of their other accounts. This is also something that I've promised myself that I'd never do outside the context of personally being friends with the person, yet I did it anyway.

I've done this in the past as well with a handful of people, and I'm deeply sorry for doing this to everyone that I've done this to.

Safety PSA for those in or near protest areas 

If you're pregnant, do not go to protests, and avoid any area with police or that have possibly had tear gas sprayed recently.

Tear gas contains abortifacient chemicals and can cause miscarriages or birth defects, especially when exposed to it repeatedly.

opsec/protest PSA; request 

I saw a similar thread by @lotsofhellalove telling people not to organise using twitter, someone should let them know of briar's existence as well

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opsec/protest PSA; request 

really though, if you have any presence on twitter, please let people like @pomworm and anyone else that makes a messaging app thread know about briar's existence.

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opsec/protest PSA; request 

If anyone has the platform, be sure to let people on twitter know about this as well

@pomworm has a thread of safe messaging apps there and has not been made aware of Briar's existence as far as i can tell

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opsec/protest PSA 

Check out Briar if you need a secure way of communicating, it's fully end to end encrypted and can send messages via bluetooth to allow you to continue communicating with nearby people even when there is no internet, for example, if a cell phone jammer is being used.

can't believe it's already 2200, those centuries sure went by fast

[This is no longer the case, but i'll leave it up since at one point it was]

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how to delete corporate social media from universe

youtube link, psa regarding retailers of eyeglasses, CBC Marketplace 

CBC Marketplace is a pretty decent series

apparently retailers of eyeglasses have started to fearmonger regarding blue light [blue light can cause sleep cycle disruption but that's about it, and that can be resolved using computer software like redshift, cf.lumen, or f.lux, which is even mentioned in the video] in order to scam people into buying more expensive lenses.


I propose untitleing Mastodon to Untitled Gargron Game

"Something is wrong with" ~ Eugen

i wish mastodon had a way to show a different display name to mutuals

"Mastodon is a very nice project. They do a very good job." ~ Rüm Pärtöv

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