Hey, @Gargron
It seems Gab is currently in violation of AGPL
They've got a live mastodon fork up at but their github repo at appears to be private/non-existent

[This is no longer the case, but i'll leave it up since at one point it was]

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@dev_ponies @Gargron

Gab apologists: ohhhh but you can't block gab Tusky, it's a violation of free software (it isn't)

Gab: directly violates the AGPL

@dev_ponies @Gargron I assumed they just fucked it up like all the other links on their front page that go to nxdomain or some random person who has made one post's profile.

@ben @Gargron probably, doesn't make it any less of an AGPL violation though
if they're still doing it in a day or two then it might be a real probblem

@dev_ponies @Gargron I mean, yes, this violates the license, but from what I can see, they're not going to need any help having their entire system collapse under its own weight.

@ben @Gargron true lmao, though it'd be pretty funny if they violated AGPL long enough for someone to throw more weight on top

@dev_ponies @Gargron quick, someone sign up for an account and then ask for the source code (in case viewing the landing page is not enough to make you a user)

@michel_slm @Gargron ehh, send their dev a message, they federate, assuming your instance hasn't blocked them yet

@dev_ponies @michel_slm @Gargron cmon, Android manufacturers release kernels years after the phone release. It won't have any effect.

@charlag @michel_slm @Gargron that's not the point, it's to have it on record that source code was requested and not given.

@dev_ponies @charlag @michel_slm

Yes, I also guess @Gargron could (threaten to) sue them. (Or fow now ask for the source code.) could be of help here. You should contact them.

@dev_ponies @Gargron

The "master race" bitching about free software censoring them while at the same time violating free software licenses, sounds about right.
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