is it just me or does mastodon mostly consist of trans women and enbies, with a handful of techbros scattered in-between.

@dev_ponies It sure is easy to avoid anyone who isn't a trans woman or enbie

@petra @dev_ponies there are more men in my dwarf fortress bot than there are in the fediverse

@rcode3 sure they will, they're only trying to use mastodon as a last ditch effort to avoid bankruptcy, which it most certainly won't work

@dev_ponies I'm curious where the trans men are. It seems my bubble has a major (trans)gender imbalance.

@usblovedog @dev_ponies From what I've seen. All the trans men are on fetlife, and are trying to get in my pants.

"Sorry, bro. Nothing personal, you just look like my best friend in high school, and I don't want to cross the streams like that."

@anornymorse @USBloveDog i heard fetlife is full of reactionaries and is a pretty crappy space in genral

@dev_ponies @usblovedog The only reactionaries on fetlife that cause issues are the dominant/switch types, and nobody talks to those.

You can easily tell a sub to shut up and keep sucking.

lewdish, kink talk 

@anornymorse @USBloveDog lol, i suppose so, just domme them into accepting leftism :p

re: lewdish, kink talk 

@dev_ponies @usblovedog

What kind of dominant allows their submissive to have a second master?
@dev_ponies This is why all the cool kids are using GNU Social, Pleroma, or Gab now.
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