nonsensical chemistry name shitpost 

@sir What do you think of licenses like @thufie's CNPL that aim at giving real individuals freedom within a moral framework without allowing exploitation from corporations

deadly pun 


what if... instead of a mastodon... we had a bird
and instead of calling them toots, we called them tweets...
nah, that would be ridiculous

legal PSA, long 

very bad joke 

terrible pun 

Finally, I can make posts that aren't followers only again now that I have authorised fetches enabled

@wxcafe mastodon uses elastic search though, maybe gargron should look into finding a different solution

@citrustwee just send them a GDPR request and they'll be legally required to delete your account lol

it'd be nice if someone fleshed out and ran an instance so instances like by @lertsenem and by @davewoodx didn't have to exist

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