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i mastodon't understand how @healyn still has an account


Public Shitpost Announcement: Be careful when shitposting, shitposting too hard may result in a summoning of Mickey Mouse

Ah, at last: The sacred scroll of a pink ball whom consumes all 

The Kirbyn Page

I think i figured out mastodon's secret sauce: all you have to do in order to get @Gargron to boost you is to post a picture of a cat

what if you just say 'hi healyn' specifically without doing an @ healyn :ms_thinking:

shitpost, gambling reference 

When you make a new public toot you win mastoslots for a few seconds

@Thib you know what would be neat in glitchsoc? to have all 4 privacy levels as buttons instead of just two, making default/reply privacy level blue while having other options as grey
also, left-align remaining character count instead of right-aligning it

every second that @BestGirlGrace is online, fediverse gains one gay point

@emerican get thort slorm onto mastodon, i need to shitpost at him
i recommend he uses

dennis prager 

urine and feces
urine and feces

uspol shitpost, lewd 

I hear these democrats are all just a bunch of mass debaters.

:ms_thinking:​ what if @jack made a mastodon account

i s h a l l n o w s h i t p o s t i n t o a n o t h e r m a s t o d i m e n s i o n

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