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lewdish, breadtube meme question 

Admin PSA: To anyone using pleroma's Admin FE, bear in mind, federated reports from mastodon [as of writing] will always be sent from that instance's admin account as part of mastodon's report anonymisation. It does not show who actually submitted that report, so make sure you keep that in mind when processing remote reports.

worst mastodon april fools idea: theme as gab

gender shitpost 

i mastodon't understand how @healyn still has an account


Ah, at last: The sacred scroll of a pink ball whom consumes all 

I think i figured out mastodon's secret sauce: all you have to do in order to get @Gargron to boost you is to post a picture of a cat

what if you just say 'hi healyn' specifically without doing an @ healyn :ms_thinking:

shitpost, gambling reference 

@Thib you know what would be neat in glitchsoc? to have all 4 privacy levels as buttons instead of just two, making default/reply privacy level blue while having other options as grey
also, left-align remaining character count instead of right-aligning it

every second that @BestGirlGrace is online, fediverse gains one gay point

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