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imagine if knzk comes back in a few days and they're like "lol, just kidding"

@larrydavis i hate your avatar even more now that it actually animates after switching to glitchsoc from friendica

tfw apparently either @goat blocked you or mastodon shat itself

@SubwayTooter subway tooter has issues when trying to view accounts like @twitrss_dril

time to confuse someone on kemono friends

@BestGirlGrace's toots aren't showing up in my home timeline again

europe: exists
climate change: it's free real estate

I will now bridge webcomicname to mastodon

is it just me or does mastodon mostly consist of trans women and enbies, with a handful of techbros scattered in-between.

lewdish, breadtube meme question 

Admin PSA: To anyone using pleroma's Admin FE, bear in mind, federated reports from mastodon [as of writing] will always be sent from that instance's admin account as part of mastodon's report anonymisation. It does not show who actually submitted that report, so make sure you keep that in mind when processing remote reports.

worst mastodon april fools idea: theme as gab

gender shitpost 

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