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shitpost at bot, alc 

@RumPartov Rüm, did you get drunk again


from the makers of subtoot
we bring you

shitpost @bot, alc 

@RumPartov rüm, are you drunk?


@Gargron should get some sleep before he accidentally implements another bug into mastodon and has to stay awake another 4 hours fixing it


hearing rumours about @garfiald getting hacked by odie

deadly pun 

yo, you got any of da brie from that exploded cheese factory?

what if... instead of a mastodon... we had a bird
and instead of calling them toots, we called them tweets...
nah, that would be ridiculous

legal PSA, long 

If you're in a country where forced arbitration clauses are allowed [USA is one of them], make sure to opt out of them whenever you can, forced arbitration takes away your legal right to sue a company if they screw you over and instead makes you go through an arbiter (who's also picked by said company in most cases...).

A lot of companies have these clauses [Apple, Discord, Facebook, most credit card companies, Google, etc] and have a limited time where you can opt out of them (typically 30-90 days). Always check a contract before you agree to it.

Opting out of a forced arbitration clause does not prevent you from using an arbiter if you still want to for some reason, it only gives you back your right to sue in court and participate in class-action lawsuits.

In some countries, forced arbitration clauses are illegal and are automatically invalid, if you live in one of those countries than you don't have to worry about this, though it probably wouldn't hurt to opt-out anyway [always check your local laws or get someone who can if you're unable to].

very bad joke 

if @garfiald was in thundercats would they be snarfield?

Finally, I can make posts that aren't followers only again now that I have authorised fetches enabled

it'd be nice if someone fleshed out and ran an instance so instances like by @lertsenem and by @davewoodx didn't have to exist

imagine if knzk comes back in a few days and they're like "lol, just kidding" i hate your avatar even more now that it actually animates after switching to glitchsoc from friendica

tfw apparently either @goat blocked you or mastodon shat itself

@SubwayTooter subway tooter has issues when trying to view accounts like @twitrss_dril

@BestGirlGrace's toots aren't showing up in my home timeline again

europe: exists
climate change: it's free real estate

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