Wow imagine being unable to go to university because you got two points lower in English than the requirement

not true at all 

very angery, proprietary game discourse 

shitty copypasta i stole off /r/pcj, rust 

Does anyone have any ideas for shortening the function name UPDATE-SYSTEM-FOR-NEW-INTERESTING-OBJECT-PREDICATE?
naming rules still apply; I still want full hyphenated words without any shortenings, but something that isn't fucking 50 characters long.

Shame "'good enough' is the enemy of what is actually needed" isn't taken as well as "perfect is the enemy of good".

today is <generic queer pride day that is presumably made to make cishets feel like they're good allies>, let's celebrate:

Used some rando's script to "colourise" a recording of Once In A Lifetime. I quite like it:

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