On the train back from university, I came up with a better approach to solving Sudoku puzzles, and this one can completely solve a puzzle.

We attempt to complete the rest of the board after filling in one cell with each possible value. This sounds like it should create too many attempts, but incorrect attempts are disposed of very promptly. This board only took 3,166 attempts to solve, which is pretty good given that it is really just using "controlled" brute force.

The program lives at gitlab.com/snippets/1943093 and is about 1/3 the length of my last solver.

Here is a program for (mostly) solving Sudoku puzzles for no good reason: gitlab.com/snippets/1943021

We tried using the AMB operator and Scheme to solve a puzzle, but we then found out that exponential time isn't fun, gave up, and used a more traditional approach where the program iteratively eliminates values that each cell can have. It's not very well optimized, either, but this technique is very very fast anyways.

reference to transphobic and violent movie 

how to improve programmer productivity

❌ interactive language with REPL and incremental compilation
✔︎ abbreviate everything, cause clearly the bottleneck is typing

meta object memes for (defmethod c2mop:validate-superclass (...) t)s

Does muting accounts that get retooted by accounts one follows not work for anyone else?
There's a lot of shit I want to not see without having to unfollow people I think are usually okayish.

What I forgot to say at 21:30 last night was that the Lisp compiler is shorter than the interpreter I was asked to improve (though it was probably better structured, with auxiliary functions for each instruction), and is barely longer than the C++ interpreter.

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Here is a short recording I took of my Brainfuck compiler running a Mandelbrot visualiser program against a C++ interpreter.

As Lisp is a slow, interpreted, dynamically typed language, the C++ program will win, right?


"Air can hurt you too,
Some people say not to worry about the air,
Some people don't know shit about the aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir"

the gang bout to ruin some techbro's day

(from left to right: Ian Mitchell, @Gnuxie, me, @jaidedmasto and @thufie)

David Byrne: "No thanks, I'm a government man"
Me: "Yes thanks, I'm a non-government non-man"

gun, reference to very bad speech 

After 1.5 years of scheming and development, I have finished a preliminary-preliminary release of Netfarm, which I intend to be a distributed trustless object system for those kind of projects.

I haven't developed anything with it yet, but it should be fairly easy to do so, given that there's some metaobject magic that makes Netfarm data look like data and vice versa; nor do I have any servers to host a node on. You can take a peep at gitlab.com/cal-coop/netfarm/ne and decide if you think doing either of those is worthwhile.

Hm, I think the ponies.im media database thing isn't working. Here is a link to the image: i.redd.it/1ejd689ispd31.jpg

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reading /r/programmerhumor to see if the jokes got any better

Wow imagine being unable to go to university because you got two points lower in English than the requirement

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