Shame "'good enough' is the enemy of what is actually needed" isn't taken as well as "perfect is the enemy of good".

today is <generic queer pride day that is presumably made to make cishets feel like they're good allies>, let's celebrate:

Used some rando's script to "colourise" a recording of Once In A Lifetime. I quite like it:

my brother got a "spy" book a while back and it had a very, very, VEEEEERY good password generation scheme

1. fill in following sentence: "my name is <name> and i am <years> old" (eg "my name is hayley and i am 18 years old")
2. get every first letter (eg "mnihaia18yo" or "mnihaiaeyo", they didn't really say what to do with numbers)


today i had a very well timed kernel panic, was listening to music and it panicked in the middle of a line:
"we're all talkiiiin-iiiin-iiiin-iiiin-iiiin-iiin-""

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