my brother got a "spy" book a while back and it had a very, very, VEEEEERY good password generation scheme

1. fill in following sentence: "my name is <name> and i am <years> old" (eg "my name is hayley and i am 18 years old")
2. get every first letter (eg "mnihaia18yo" or "mnihaiaeyo", they didn't really say what to do with numbers)


today i had a very well timed kernel panic, was listening to music and it panicked in the middle of a line:
"we're all talkiiiin-iiiin-iiiin-iiiin-iiiin-iiin-""

make your chatroom discussions 200x more interesting using this simple trick

You may wonder why Scheme programmers rarely mutate despite the language supporting it, unlike some other functional languages where you cannot.

At least for one implementation I've studied, every MIT/GNU Scheme installation comes with recorded subliminal messages by Gerald Sussman urging you not to use `set!`. This behaviour seemed to appear in MIT Scheme around the time R4RS, which is mandated in a footnote for Section 4.1.6.

Happy independence day or some shite. Fuck the United States, fuck all states in general but today specifically fuck the USA. I'm bored with the USA, but what can I do.


Generally useful react (OOPSLA 1997, the one where Alan Kay rekts C++).

Μy caption was "When someone uses SLOT-VALUE"

The first ever laser eye meme (Stop Making Sense, just before Heaven)

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