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ever just take a break from something and then wonder "wtf is happening here" when you get back

oh yeah, in-case you didn't know, you can follow peertube channels such as @Radical Reviewer from mastodon or any other activitypub-compatible server.

@Princess Grace VEVO :v_: did you mess with your instance, is mastodon drunk, or is friendica broken.
it's saying your messages are from an instance running "OStatus" via ActivityPub Protocol

The only changes I've made to my instance are updating to Mastodon 2.7.2 and bumping the character limit up. I haven't touched the federation code because I'd be scared of breaking something.

@BestGirlGrace @dev_ponies hey grace, have you considered using glitchsoc?

well that name would fit her instance better, lol

I'm wondering if you're following Grace via OStatus and me via ActivityPub

Is it better? Does it have the killer features for cool folks like me?

@BestGirlGrace @dev_ponies the post length limit thing is an environment variable and there are a bunch of other features it adds but I have no idea what they are because I haven't used vanilla for so long.

Oh, maybe. If I can figure out how to use it with my Dockerized Mastodon database. It looks like it has a lot of Subway Tooter features I'd appreciate.

does my instance also say that?

hmm, ostatus via activitypub makes no sense because those are two different API standards that Mastodon implements

@елизабет влашенко did you ban @Melissa or something?

@dev_ponies @mooch Yes, for a probable shitpost in poor taste that came off as racist and cryptofacist.

@елизабет влашенко oh, i'm trying to teach her how to use mastodon, why didn't you give her a warning? she's used to birdsite

@dev_ponies I could perhaps reduce it to a silence, but the post content was egregious enough that, even if it was meant in jest, came across as extremely fucked up.

It was also flagged by an admin of another instance as being potentially crytofascist and the sign of an alt right troll registering.

@елизабет влашенко yeah, birdsite is a pretty awful place to grow your sense of humour if you don't have an ok self-filter, that's part of why i wanted to get her using mastodon. I'll talk to her and make sure she has a better idea of what's allowed, though it'll probably take time being exposed to our community for her to adjust, if you feel your instance isn't a good place for her than I'll have her go elsewhere. thanks for being understanding.

@dev_ponies No worries. I'll reduce it to a silence for now until she gets used to the culture here and what is or isn't allowed. Also might be best to avoid shitposts that deal with race as a topic unless they're plainly obviously satire.

@елизабет влашенко thanks, I'll keep a closer eye on her and try to correct her if she does something bad again before it comes to your attention, thanks again. also have a nice day/night/etc

#ff #followfriday
only got one person this time sadly



YouTube: dismantled trigr [FULL ALBUM] (Triple-Q)


YouTube: Why We Build the Wall (COVER) (Philosophy Tube)

@Emerican Johnson hey, you should check out Halcyon,
it gives you a very twitteresque interface for mastodon
also, you might want to consider moving to another instance like,, or as they have leftist moderation
hope you get better soon

To anyone coming over from twitter, if you're having trouble with mastodon's UI, try out Halcyon #LeftTwitter #TwitterLeft

@dev_ponies what does it take to set up a halcyon frontend? ive seen it on other instances i wonder if some people might appreciate it being offered and also there has been a rift between us over here and that domain lets put it that way

@Felix I'm not sure if peertube lets you do this, but if it does could you enable http import for Radical Reviewer [] [yt:] to make it easier for them to mirror their content, if that's not an option, could you possibly increase their daily upload limit. Also could you do the same for Emerican Johnson/Noncompete [] [yt:]

@Felix @Geotechland @Ealhad Still wondering about this, it'll help those two a lot if you can do one of those two things.

@stimulator Hey, could you consider putting your content up on peertube?
Here's an instance you could use:
It's even compatible with mastodon and lets you subscribe and comment from a mastodon account.

every get ready to post something than right as you're about to start typing you forget what you were going to post

AGDQ: All Girls Done Queer

oops i some bots

It's still friday somewhere so here's this week's #FF #followfriday


what the hell youtube
siivagunner's channel got terminated

@dev_ponies @copyleftie @00dani @izaliamae what the hell
you can be a white supremacist, but you can't get those copyright strikes?

@'leftie And Lucy (2008) @danielle~! :dani: @Purple Merple yeah wtf, they allow most fascists to use their platform without consequence [sometimes one gets banned but that's not as often as it should be], but communities actually making art/music/etc? nah, we don't need them.

@Evegen i'm not telling my instance to update your display name and avatar quite yet "Evegen" is just too good