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Now that many people have #LeftTwitter , how about next all leftist YouTubers go #JoinPeerTube ?

@anna @citrustwee
I'm tattooing DIAR RHEA on your knuckles so that #LeftTwitter knows you have dysentery.

@citrustwee hmm this toot has appeared to have given me dysentery #lefttwitter

hmm all i asked is to not engage in defending someone harassing and traumatizing my friends and i, sorry that is too high to expect and demand of some cis guy that wants to be the next peter coffin but i cant say im surprised #lefttwitter

#LeftTwitter please try and be considerate of bofa. You'll get the hang of it, I promise

Hey the reason I #lefttwitter was because it sucked ass.

To anyone coming over from twitter, if you're having trouble with mastodon's UI, try out Halcyon #LeftTwitter #TwitterLeft

Contributing to the #lefttwitter #discourse with the following:

Beff Jezos
Dack Jorsey
Zark Muckerburg
Cim Took

See my profile for my patreon page if you liked this #toot.

#lefttwitter do you think Yoshi's feet are stinky

an important tenant of #lefttwitter is gamer girl feet

I'm confused by the hostile reaction to #LeftTwitter by some veteran users -- Luna and I have been on Mastodon and encouraging people to use it for at least 9 months. If anyone is upset or unsure of my position on the situation with Peter Coffin, here is our statement. We hope you will read it in good faith:

welcome to the #fediverse #LeftTwitter remember to #respecting #women at all times because i have an instance with over 1,000 witches on it and one or two of us is bound to know a hex or two 😈

Things to be wary of in the #fediverse, #LeftTwitter. #Joke replies, almost like rickrolls, which are just a picture of this dog. It's an enduring bait and switch #prank that you will come to love.
#Birthdays are always real, however. Make sure you #hashtag everything and airways #respect #women

I want large #LeftTwitter personalities who tiptoe into the Fediverse to be swarmed upon by a pack of Feral Tranarchists on sight

the fun thing about memes on masto is that if you dont like the current one u can just take a wank and by the time ur back there will be a new meme #lefttwitter

Hey #LeftTwitter! All that revolution talk has gotta make you hungry! Come down to your local Arby's and get your #4for4 with a 20% discount for the next 2 days!

Promoted by Arby's

Anybody else care about ethics in games journalism? #LeftTwitter

As a former #leftTwitter member I just have to say....*deep, problematic breath*


@extinct i #LeftTwitter because jack told me to go fuck myself and banned my account because i asked him to add :bta: to the available emoji

i was part of #LeftTwitter then i #LeftTwitter and found a new community that appreciated me drawing alf with big tiddies


i #LeftTwitter but my aim's getting better!

shit thats not how that joke works FUCK i cant believe i FUCKED IT UP AGAIN aghhhhhhhhhh

#introduction I'm just a chill guy coming over from #LeftTwitter. Currently living in #Brooklyn and trying to #organise with other #anarchists. Passionate about #FOSS and a big #BreadTube fan. Hoping to meet new and cool people on here.

PS: I am not #circumcised

#lefttwitter bush did 9/11

Hey #LeftTwitter! Glad to be here on #Masstodon. I just found a really cool new #StreetArtist. Anyone here ever heard of #Banksy?
Banksy's "Follow your dreams" w…

"lol look at all these #lefttwitter noobs who just joined yesterday and have no idea how this platform works" -- (user who joined 3 months ago and still doesn't know how to use alt text)

spraying a phat load thinking about my favorite #BreadTube and #LeftTwitter people


Content warning: meta #lefttwitter, sincere

Shitting out of my asshole and dick is praxis #LeftTwitter

Hey #LeftTwitter! Would love to get to know more of you. I'm just here to make friends. (Please be uncut if following me)

Hey, #LeftTwitter comrades! Open this next message for some awesome tips on using mastodon!

hey #LeftTwitter ! ℹ️Ⓜ️🅿️🅾️⭕🅿️ℹ️🆖 🏧

Shout out to my fellow #LeftTwitter crew! Great to be here. Do be sure to check out the #anticapitalism #anarchism and #SocialJustice tags to find other like minded people. Or if you're a #FOSS enthusiast there's a great #Linux community here too.

Here's a great little intro to the #history of #anarchist #organising on the #fediverse!

my wife left me around the same time that i #lefttwitter .. it's been rough ever since. please come back, jennifer.

umm, uhhhh, #LeftTwitter is bad and shit and not good and sucks

Glad to finally have found an alternative to the "birdsite"! Looking forward to building power on this new and promising platform!


Just finished this cool graphic about leaving twitter & joining Mastodon! #LeftTwitter #Anarchism #Communism